Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tomcat 5 with mod_jk2 on Plesk 7 - Redhat

Finally! I got this
working so you can have jsp pages in your root directory. It is
actually pretty simple, along the lines of the following:

This is on Redhat version of Plesk 7.0

  1. install latest jdk

  2. install tomcat 5

  3. download jk2 connectors Fedora Core binaries

  4. copy the mod_jk2.so file into httpd modules dir

  5. add the LoadModule line for mod_jk2

  6. Remove at_domains_index.html from the DirectoryIndex line!

  7. make your hosts in server.xml ( see http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/to...vhosthowto.html )

  8. make workers2.properties file in /etc/httpd/conf directory ( see link above )
I think that's the jist of it for the most part.